In this project I collaborated with Cesar. Cesar works as a photographer on the beach in Santa Marta (Colombia), taking pictures of tourists and making photo-montages for them. His photos are full of absurdity and creativity. It’s hard to look at them without smiling. 

I don’t speak any Spanish, and Cesar doesn’t speak any English. But we shared an interest in these pictures, which communicate something without words: a very Colombian sense of joy and optimism.  I decided to make my own series of montages, inspired by Cesar. I borrowed the humor and structure of his pictures, but changed the tourists for people who live or work in Santa Marta; the cleaners, vendors and passers-by. Cesar helped to find these models and position them in the right way, which happens to be his favourite part of the job.

The finale montages were presented in the streets of central Santa Marta, where they could be seen by everyone who helped creating them and many more. The mobile ‘Endless Conga’ lends for a more private viewing experience, and shows a different, three-dimensional way of connecting photographs. 

This project was made while I was an artist in residence at 3M ArtFoundation, Santa Marta